The Last Jedi: Nihilism, Übermenschen, and a Rey of Hope

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series

The Last Jedi

Nihilism, Übermenschen, and a Rey of Hope

by Edwardo Pérez

The Force Awakens ended beautifully, with Rey and Luke Skywalker staring at each other, standing atop an island mountain, with a lightsaber between them – held out by Rey in a gesture of respect and hope. It’s such a significant moment in the Star Wars narrative that John Williams gives us a new theme – one so profound, it captured not just the new awakening Episode VII was all about but also the mystery and fantasy the first six films were based on, providing a musical anticipation for what comes next. Until …

Luke takes his old lightsaber, in Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, glances at it for a brief moment, and then flippantly tosses it over his shoulder as if were nothing more than a useless, broken toy – shattering the beautiful scene and turning…

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